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Salary Survey – Credit Control & Credit Management

Star Credit Recruitment is the UK specialist recruitment agency for commercial credit control, with offices in London and Manchester.

We monitor the recruitment trends for credit control and can offer expert advice on current employment opportunities and credit control salaries. We pay particular attention to any changes that affect credit control departments, the demand for credit control staff, and starting salary levels.

We believe the credit control department is vital for protecting business. The permanent headcount should be robust in times of recession and expand in times of business confidence. Our salary survey is based on cumulative, anecdotal knowledge; analysing the placements made, looking at the number and types of vacancies, and examining the recruitment patterns within multinational corporations and small to medium sized firms. Talking to finance directors, finance managers and credit managers across a wide range of industries has also been very illuminating.

We noticed that the range of salaries for credit jobs is quite wide spread, especially between companies in different industry sectors. In recent years business managers have started to value their credit control staff, in recognition of the fact that good credit control contributes to the commercial success of the business, and that top performers need to be brought in house.

Starting salaries have improved, with the biggest rise being for credit controllers with two to three years’ of pure credit control experience. This is probably because of a shortage of good candidates at this level, and due also to the demand that is created by new vacancies, when top performers are promoted internally. Credit manager salaries appear to have remained stable.

Star Credit Recruitment is an independent British recruitment consultancy specialising in commercial credit control recruitment. We know that, when it comes to credit control, it is as much about the person as it is about the skills. Because of this, we always try to ensure that the personality of anyone we recommend will blend well with your company culture. We also try to ensure that the person’s ambitions are aligned with prospects.

Our credit control salary guide gives an indication of starting salaries within commercial credit control, for the London region. However, these figures are provided as a guide only. The duties and responsibilities of each credit control job, and the skills required by the employers, can vary significantly between companies and industry sectors.

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