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Interview Tips: Credit Manager & Credit Control Supervisor

Credit managers, and to a certain extent credit control supervisors, will face questions relating to managing people, managing change, operational and strategic credit management, departmental improvements and their achievements in contributing commercially to the bottom line of the business.

Some possible questions:

  • How successful have you been in protecting the quality of the debtor asset?
  • How involved are you in creating credit policy, preparing the debtor budget and aged debtor reporting?
  • How do you set cash collection targets, make cash collection forecasts, and how do you decide when legal proceedings are required?
  • What involvement have you had in negotiating contracts with suppliers, such as debt collection agencies, credit information providers and credit insurers?
  • What involvement have you had in structuring or restructuring a credit department?
  • How do you assess the risk of new and existing customers? What information to you use to set credit limits? How often do you monitor and review credit limits? How do you keep on top of this?
  • What additional factors do you consider when negotiating payment terms and credit limits for export?
  • What departmental processes or procedures have you improved or created?
  • Have you established a procedures manual?
  • What sort of working relationship do you have with the sales function?
  • How do you calculate the provision for bad debt?
  • What experience have you had of creditors meetings for insolvent accounts?
  • What is your experience of budgeting for the credit control department? (Staff levels, salaries, etc...)
  • How do you manage and supervise the department? How many staff do you have?
  • How do you recruit, appraise, motivate, target, train and develop your staff?
  • What individual and team targets to you set for your team? How have they been doing? 
  • How could your own management skills be improved?
  • How up to date are you with new credit management practices and concepts? Do you have any original ideas you would like to share? 
  • What contact do you have with other credit managers, credit circles or credit forums?
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