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Our Recruitment Process - Credit Control Vacancies

Above all else, Star Credit Recruitment offers exceptional service in recruiting commercial credit managers and credit controllers. We fill credit control vacancies across a wide range of commerce & industry sectors, including manufacturing, transport & logistics, legal and professional, publishing, medical, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, wholesale & distribution, entertainment & media, automotive, travel, information technology, software, financial services, and business services.

Understanding Your Requirements

We will not start a credit control recruitment assignment without first having a complete understanding of your requirements. Our specially trained consultants will ask the right questions to find out about the:

  1. Credit Control Vacancy: job description, reporting, responsibilities, experience required, working location and hours. The reason for the vacancy.
  2. Company Culture – we need to know something of the atmosphere and the working style at the business, in order to find the people who will be most comfortable there.
  3. Personality type: We try to find people whose personality is compatible with your company culture. We make sure the ambitions of the candidate are in line with the career prospects.
  4. Essential Qualifications & Skills: Industry background, Professional qualifications, Education.
  5. Remuneration: Benefits, salary and bonuses.
  6. Interview Process: Number of interviews, decision making process etc…

By obtaining detailed information, Star Credit Recruitment is able to act as an excellent ambassador for the client, target people more accurately, and shortlist only the most suitable candidates.

Finding the right people

We will search our own CV database of credit control professionals and also use a variety of external sources, including personal networks, 3rd party databases, advertising, directories, journals, magazines, and Internet searches.

For Credit Management executive search, we will also use our broad network of contacts to track down the right person. From a lengthy list of target candidates we conduct a thorough interview and screening process, presenting the client with a qualified shortlist for interview.

Our Interview Process

Our interview process is designed to assess a candidate's personality and motivation for a particular vacancy. We make sure they are genuinely interested, and not just “testing the water”. In addition, we make sure they have a compatible industry background and the right type of credit control experience to be able to do the job well.

3 Person Shortlist

Following initial interviews with the credit controllers or credit managers, we present the CVs, accompanied by candidate profiles derived from our interview notes. We aim to present a shortlist of no more than 3 candidates.

Managing the Offer

We will act as intermediary during the delicate process of negotiating the package and the formal job offer, to ensure that both parties are satisfied and the recruitment is concluded successfully.
Where requested, we obtain and check any candidate references. Once the contracts are read, understood and agreed, we ensure that the candidate formally accepts as soon as possible, and we will get a start date confirmed.

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